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The global leaders in slug pellet technology

De Sangosse are the global leaders in slug pellet technology, manufacturing and supply. De Sangosse ferric phosphate pellets are manufactured with the finest durum wheat using our advanced wet process. They are proven to attract slugs, are fatal once ingested, and offer premium performance with excellent environmental credentials.

Integrated Pest Managment

De Sangosse molluscicides are best used as part of an overall approach which is embodied in Integrated Pest Management, an effective and sustainable solution.

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  Kill Slugs

  Simply and Efficiently

Kill Slugs

Simply and Efficiently

The key to successful slug control is down to the quality of the bait. Bait quality is determined by four characteristics:


To achieve a uniform spread a pellet needs adequate mass and consistent density. The larger the pellet the greater its mass and the greater the energy that can be imparted to propel it. This is why larger pellets spread better and why a cricket ball can be thrown further and with greater accuracy than a table-tennis ball. It’s a question of size – and size matters!


The essence of a successful slug pellet is that it is more attractive to slugs than the seedling is. Our ferric phosphate enhanced wet process pellets use food-grade durum wheat flour together with carefully selected attractants which are unique to our range. Slugs are discerning eaters so it is no surprise that they find this combination so appetising.


Using a palatable high quality durum wheat pellet simply ensures the slug ingests sufficient of the active substance to cause death. The pellet must be soft enough to be edible, but not so soft that the slug can rasp though it before the intoxication process takes effect, or else the slug could ingest the entire bait, and then continue to graze on plant seedlings. Our pellets are engineered to meet these essential requirements.


Efficient and effective control requires using a pellet designed to last several weeks, and our larger pellets can withstand the rigours of environmental exposure in the field, and deliver effective control over a prolonged period of time.

Placebo Pellet™ - ensure optimum spreading

Accurately calibrate and test your slug pellet applicator

The De Sangosse Placebo Pellet contains no active substance and can be used to help you calibrate your spreader for optimum application

NSTS tests on pellet applicators have been compulsory since 2016 and there is an ongoing obligation to test applicators every six years. Calibration should be carried out between every season.

Approved for use in Organic Systems

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De Sangosse Ferric Phosphate Certification

De Sangosse Ferric Phosphate pellets have been certified for use in organic systems. Our products are included on the OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers) Approved Inputs Scheme

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We continually strive to innovate and adapt our extensive product range according to the needs of UK farmers, which means we are continually updating our technical information. As such we do not store product information on our website.

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