Spray Enhancers

Bout Markers

Bout markers assist the sprayer operator by clearly indicating the line of travel needed to ensure all ground is covered without misses or overlaps. Trail Tracks from De Sangosse is a superior spray bout marker that produces a high quality, thick-bodied long lasting foam.

Trail Tracks is a 100% proprietary liquid blend of surfactants.

Recommendations for use

  • Foam produced from Trail Tracks should be deposited on the ground in large blobs, rather than in narrow streaks. This may necessitate increasing the diameter of the hose extending from the spreading boom. The size of foam blobs is dependent on the pressure and diameter of the boom and end drop hoses. Trail Tracks may be used with all water types.


  • Trail Tracks is not compatible even with traces of other bout markers. Ensure mixing tank is thoroughly cleaned out and rinsed before use.

Rate of use      

  • Trail Tracks should be used at a concentration of 1% (e.g. 100 ml in 10 litres water) in a foam generating system.

For effective use follow the mixing guidelines on pack.

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