Seed Treatments


Gain higher yields through enhanced root development with Radiate nutritional seed treatment

With a blend of vital micronutrients, Radiate seed treatment can increase your winter wheat and OSR yields by an average 0.4 t/ha – worth more than £50/ha in gross margin*.

Radiate improves establishment

The nutrients in Radiate are known to stimulate root development through the production of auxin. Independent trials have shown that Radiate increases root mass by 28-40% at the early stages of tillering (22-23).

Seedlings are better able to seek out moisture and nutrients in the soil, giving higher yield potential and reduced stress. In addition, they have a larger green leaf area and produce greater chlorophyll, leading to efficient photosynthesis.

Proven in trials

Radiate has been trialled extensively in more than 50 independent studies across a range of arable crops.

Winter wheat: in trials where the canopy was managed using a plant growth regulator, Radiate boosted yield by an average 0.5 t/ha, with some trials recording an 0.8 t/ha response. That equates to double the returns in untreated crops.

Further trials showed that wheat treated with Radiate and an SPD (single-purpose dressing) outperformed a control (Group 4 variety Oakley as a second wheat) treated with an SPD alone by as much as 0.9 t/ha.

Oilseed rape: in a three-year trial, Radiate-treated crops yielded up to 22% more than the control crop treated with a conventional seed treatment.

Getting the most from Radiate

Radiate has been shown to deliver the greatest benefit on lighter soils where the increased root mass enables plants to seek out moisture.

Fully tested, fully compatible

NIAB has comprehensively evaluated Radiate. Its tests verify that Radiate enhances establishment and seed vigour.

Radiate can be co-applied using standard application machinery with all modern fungicide and insecticide seed treatments.

How to order Radiate

Ask your treater for Radiate’s yield boost. For more information, talk to your advisor or call us on 01223 811215.

*Winter wheat at £150/t