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Ensure the potential of your OSR crop

Pod-Stik pod sealer prevents seed losses of up to 500 kg/ha – particularly in crop tramlines – that occur in oilseed rape due to frequent pre-harvest weather changes or mechanical damage at combining.

You can realise all the investment you have made in your crop, with a simple, cost-effective application.

Protect an average 0.4 t/ha yield

Trials over successive seasons show that Pod-Stik gives an average 0.4 t/ha yield benefit* on conventional OSR worth £108. In high-yielding or susceptible varieties, such as DK Excalibur, this rises to 0.5 t/ha, worth as much as £110.

Watch our video to see why you need Pod-Stik

Strong results on shatter-resistant varieties

Even OSR that offers improved pod strength or low shatter can benefit from Pod-Stik. Trials in 2014 on varieties including DK Excellium and DK Extrovert produced an average 0.32 t/ha yield gain – a 320 kg/ha advantage worth £86.

How Pod-Stik works

A unique polymer sealer, Pod-Stik ‘tacks’ the pod’s top seam, protecting the oilseeds inside, strengthening the crop wall. It allows the crop header to flex, grow and mature naturally.

Convenient application

You can apply Pod-Stik as a standalone, ideally at BBCH GS 79-82, when the pods are green and pliable. Or you can save a crop pass by co-applying with a popular desiccant such as glyphosate or diquat.

Choose the best-rated pod sealer

The John Innes Centre (JIC) evaluated the shatter tolerance of a number of pod sealers.

Pod-Stik outperformed the nearest competitor in JIC’s ‘pod integrity’ tests when applied at the advised rate (1.0 L/ha) on crops desiccated with glyphosate at 150 L/ha.

In the field this means higher yields, as well as fewer volunteers that could carry pests and diseases into the following crop.

Keep harvest dates flexible

You get at least 12 weeks’ protection after application. Pod-Stik will enable your whole oilseed rape crop to mature – vital when some OSR develops unevenly – and safeguard it through to combining. 

If bad weather threatens to delay harvest, you’re covered, with no further worries about crop losses.

Use on other crops

While Pod-Stik is ideal on oilseed rape, it’s suitable for any podded crop, such as peas or beans.

How to order

Ask your distributor for Pod-Stik protection. Don’t forget to talk to your advisor, or call us on 01223 811215.

OSR at £270/t

*Independent trials, NDSM, SACCS, NIAB/TAG, ADAS, Velcourt 2011-15

DK Excalibur, DK Excellium and DK Extrovert are registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC

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