Zinc Complex (ZC)

ZC treatments improves the growth of plants resulting in greater yield, quality of yield and speed to maturity by supplying Zinc, a vital component of plant development, in the most effective form.

It has been shown to be an essential element in:

  • Cell wall structure – helping to retain and translocate absorbed nutrients and water;

  • Auxin production – stimulating root development to higher levels;

  • Chlorophyll concentration – leading to increased photosynthetic activity.

ZC increases retention of all nutrients by the plants, including those essential for photosynthesis.

ZC Technology - Increases nutrient uptake and translocation

Auxin Production

Auxin is an essential component of plant development. In roots it promotes growth leading to increased root strands, mass and depth. In green material it is transported around the leaf enabling the plant to follow the light.

More roots access nutrients and water more effectively improving growth and reducing stress.

In independent trials performed by the University of Aberystwyth plants that received ZC treatment produced more than twice the amount of auxin found in the control and 31% more than the second best treatment.