The TDS metaldehyde range is proven to offer the best in spreadability, attractiveness, palatability and persistence and provides an efficient solution when used in accordance with IPM guidelines.

Slug control does not need to be difficult, but it does require planning. When crops are decimated it is often too late to apply pellets, but in many cases such disasters can be avoided. Applying TDS – recognised as the industry wet process standard – immediately after rolling in cereals or oilseed rape (or at 50-75% canopy complete and again at tuber initiation in potatoes) will typically give the crop sufficient protection to see it past the critical stage.

But effective control also requires an appreciation of how the pest interacts with the bait and the factors that influence pellet performance.

Slug pellets are the only pesticide used in agriculture that rely on the pest to locate the active substance. But once located, it has to ingest sufficient quantity of the bait to cause death. This underlines the importance of palatability. TDS is manufactured using an advanced wet process procedure that utilises durum wheat flour of the highest quality. Slugs are fussy eaters so the quality of the bait is crucial.

The importance of size

Ballistics/spreadability – the consistency by which the pellet is spread evenly across the target area – is a combination of pellet mass and the manufacturing process used. At 2.7mm, each pellet has the mass needed to fly in a consistent arc through the air, even in light winds. Its uniformity and smooth surface, produced by the advanced wet process production method and high quality durum wheat flour, contribute to this consistent spread pattern.

As with most things in life, size is an important factor in determining performance. As soon as the pellet is released into the environment mother nature sets to work against it. Wind, rain and fluctuations in temperature all work to erode the pellet, yet it must retain its mass long enough to protect the crop against these pressures. But to have adequate mass you need to have sufficient size. TDS pellets have the mass required to persist in the environment or ensure that the pest ingests sufficient bait to cause death.

Growers should not be misled by the argument that effective control is a matter of baiting points. Slugs are discriminate eaters and it is the quality of the bait that is important, principally its palatability. Effective control is not achievable without lasting field persistence and consistent spreadibility and these attributes require pellets to have sufficient size and mass.

Choose TDS because SIZE MATTERS.