Ironmax Pro

Ironmax Pro, used as a part of IPM programmes, provides excellent control with effective stewardship.

Gain the same high quality

Trials and user experience show that Ironmax Pro delivers the same performance as our premium TDS metaldehyde slug pellets, simply with a different mode of action.

Superb bait is vital, so we manufacture Ironmax Pro with the finest durum wheat using our wet process. With an optimum 2.7mm pellet size, it offers exceptional palatability, persistence and spreadability, and is subject to identical quality control.

How Ironmax Pro works

Ironmax Pro is a stomach poison: once eaten there is no recovery.

Ferric phosphate stops the slug feeding almost immediately, but the pest often retreats below the soil surface and dies between three and six days after application. For this reason, the effects can be less obvious than with metaldehyde (no slime trails will be visible), so look for protection of the crop rather than dead slugs.

Excellent safety profile

Like metaldehyde, the ferric phosphate in Ironmax Pro has very low impact on non-target organisms such as earthworms and beetles.

Best use

Use Ironmax Pro as part of an integrated slug control programme, at 5-7 kg/ha. Follow Integrated Pest Management techniques and ensure your application machinery is correctly calibrated, ideally using the De Sangosse Placebo Pellet.

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