De Sangosse to launch H2knOw at Cereals

With water making up more than 95% of the spray volume, a better understanding of its properties and how these influence performance is seen as central to maintaining herbicide and fungicide efficacy.

To help growers unlock the potential of water De Sangosse has launched H2knOw, an initiative to help growers and their advisers address the issues that affect spray performance, such as hard water or high pH.

“When you consider that, uncorrected, hard water can reduce the efficacy of certain herbicides by up to 30%, then countering its effects becomes central to supporting performance,” says Rhodri Morris, commercial manager for De Sangosse.

Oilseed rape yields have been protected by up to 0.5t/ha with the application of Pod-Stik, farming’s most popular pod-sealant.

Pod-Stik protects yields, reduces volunteers and leaves less cover for pests, whatever the season brings, it always pays to protect against shatter losses,” says Rhodri.

Visitors to the De Sangosse stand at Cereals will also be able to discover its range of class-leading metaldehyde and ferric phosphate molluscicides.

Ironmax Pro offers the same best-in-class performance as our metaldehyde-based pellets. It means those growers seeking a high-quality alternative to metaldehyde have a proven choice,” says commercial manager Simon McMunn.

Continuing the De Sangosse theme of research in practice, the stand will host KITT, the Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, from the popular 1980s television series, Knight Rider.

Visit KITT and the De Sangosse team on stand 348 of avenue two to hear more about the firm’s range of industry leading pod-sealants, molluscicides, water conditioners and range of micro-nutrients.