De Sangosse to promote the benefits of R&D at Cereals

Fans of innovative technology should visit the De Sangosse stand at Cereals.

Not only will visitors be able to learn more about the benefits research and technology has brought to crop production, but also see a genuine Formula 1 car up close.

“Agriculture and Formula 1 have more in common than might appear. Both are heavily reliant on research investment to develop innovative solutions that improve performance. By displaying Jarno Trulli’s Jordan F1 car from 2001, we are seeking to promote our own products of investment,” says Simon McMunn, De Sangosse commercial manager.

Products such as Pod-Stik, TDS slug pellets, Radiate seed treatment and X-change water conditioner were all innovations developed by De Sangosse through its investment in research, says Simon McMunn.

“Extensive trials indicate that by using Pod-Stik growers can cut pod-shatter losses. It can be co-applied at desiccation or as a stand-alone application making it an easy and worthwhile investment,” says Simon McMunn.

Much has been made of varieties claiming pod-shatter resistance as a means to reducing crop losses, but Mr McMunn says independent trials indicate that they still benefit from an application of Pod-Stik.

“Across 14 independent trials, varieties branded as ‘shatter resistant’, yielded more with Pod-Stik,” he says.
Water conditioners and seed treatments are also beneficial to efforts to protect plant health and performance.

“The performance of plant protection products can be improved with the addition of X-change which neutralises the effects of cations in hard water while seed treated with Radiate produces more roots through auxin stimulation. Both are the reward of focussed investment and extensive trials.”

Visitors will also be able to discover De Sangosse’s range of class-leading metaldehyde and ferric phosphate molluscicides.

“Ironmax Pro offers the same best-in-class performance as our metaldehyde-based pellets. It means those growers seeking a high-quality alternative to metaldehyde have a proven choice from a renowned manufacturer,” says Mr McMunn.

“Across all metrics – palatability, persistence, and ballistics – Ironmax Pro offers the same best-in-class performance as our metaldehyde pellets and as a result [it] will carry the TDS badge, the mark of pellet performance,” he adds.

  • De Sangosse will be participating in the slug trail and BASIS points can be claimed on the stand.