Capture up to 0.5t/ha of oilseed rape with Pod-Stik

Growers could capture up to 0.5t/ha by applying Pod-Stik to oilseed rape crops to protect against pod-shatter losses at harvest, research has found.

“All varieties benefit from a pod-sealant, including those claiming pod-shatter resistance,” says Simon McMunn, De Sangosse commercial manager.

“Independent research shows that bad weather or delays at harvest can cause losses of up to 500kg/ha, but by protecting the crop with Pod-Stik this can be avoided. Research shows that even shatter-resistant varieties benefit, typically by 320kg/ha so the benefit is clear,” he adds.

This season, with crops at varying stages of growth, maturity is likely to be highly inconsistent and consequently weather losses in the run up to harvest and header losses during combining could be significantly greater.

“It is typically the weather in the run up to harvest that is the greatest source of shatter losses, but mixed maturity means the more advanced plants will be more susceptible by the time the majority of the crop is ready for harvest. Pod-Stik typically gives up to 12-weeks protection against shatter losses when applied at growth stage 80-82 (pods pliable),” says Mr McMunn.

In a typical year the advice is to apply Pod-Stik around mid-June as a single application so as to avoid shatter in the tramlines when applying the desiccant a few weeks later, but with crops at varying stages, growers will have to make a judgement based on individual crops.

“Pod-Stik gives its best results when applied while the pods are still pliable and before they become brittle,” he adds.