De Sangosse expands presence in New Zealand

De Sangosse has acquired a one-third stake in the plant nutrition business Mantissa Corporation of New Zealand for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition will enhance the De Sangosse Group’s strategy for growth in Australia and New Zealand.

Like De Sangosse, Mantissa is a specialist manufacturer of micronutrients, adjuvants and pesticides and the partnership will deliver valuable synergies for both businesses.  Its range of products are used extensively in viticulture, top fruit orchards and vegetable production.  

The De Sangosse range of nutrition products is highly respected and their availability is expected to significantly enhance Mantissa Corporation’s commercial proposition in these sectors.

Mantissa Corporation began as a subsidiary of Headland Agrochemicals Ltd in the early 1990s before being the subject of a private buy-out in March 2002.

Following the partial acquisition by De Sangosse and the access to a wider portfolio of products turnover is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.