De Sangosse expertise called on in article discussing merits of seedbed nutrition

De Sangosse Commercial Director Kim Christo recently featured in an article in the September issue of Crop Protection Magazine that considered the merits of applying fertiliser to the seedbed at the time of drilling.

Kim’s advice on the benefits of providing the young plant with easy access to important nutrients such as Phosphorous featured prominently and the article makes good use of trials performed on De Sangosse’s behalf that demonstrate the impact on yield from seedbed nutrition.

These trials reveal that it is possible to improve yields of winter wheat by up to 0.9 tonnes per hectare and by 0.7 tonnes per hectare in spring barley just by applying Primary-P at the time of drilling.

“Exploiting the yield potential of modern cereal varieties largely depends on attention to detail; applying coated phosphorous in the form of Primary-P is just one example of how growers can push the potential of crops,” says Kim Christo.

With its protective coating that prevents the negative cations in the soil from locking up the Phosphorous its availability is ensured at a time when the plant is in desperate need for nutrients.

“Our research suggests that plant development in the stages immediately after germination has more to do with Phosphorous availability than that of Nitrogen, though this is still important of course.  

“We hope the CPM article will raise further awareness of the importance that placement fertilisers such as Primary-P with their blend of essential nutrients can make to improving the final performance of the crop. Research shows that the early the plant has access to nutrients the better it does,” he added.

To read the article in full download the PDF file attached to this page.

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