New website serves as knowledge portal for arable advisors and farmers

Arable advisors and farmers have a new knowledge portal to call on where they can find information on novel fertilisers that help the plant make the best possible start in life, suitable mixing partners that enhance the performance of agricultural chemistry and a whole lot more.

Although primarily designed to showcase the range of spray enhancers, specialist fertiliser products, seed treatments and molluscicides available from De Sangosse, the content of the new website has been produced with the advisors and growers in mind.

“You shouldn’t have to be a chemist to understand which water conditioner or adjuvant would be best suited to a given situation or how a plant’s auxin production determines root development,” says De Sangosse commercial manager Simon McMunn.

“The website will be a useful reference tool for growers and advisors with learning tools such as the adjuvant tree helping to inform product selection while the ability to download and print product datasheets in a PDF form will help users stay informed of the recommended use, application rates and mixing sequences of our products,” he adds.

The website has its own news section with regular updates on topical issues as they occur throughout the season. The increase in slug activity following the exceptional spring and summer rain is just one subject covered in depth.

“Growers are being bombarded with advice on slug control, not all of which is sound and we have used our news section to introduce some objectivity and balance to the discussion,” says Simon McMunn.

“If growers are to achieve effective control they need to be well briefed on slug breeding cycles, behavioural characteristics and feeding patterns. We have worked with independent specialists to produce reliable and practical advice to help growers make choices that are suited to their circumstances,” he adds.

The website is laid out in five, easy to navigate sections covering seed treatments, molluscicides, nutrition, spray enhancers and pod sealers with each section containing a brief explanation of the value they provide in promoting productivity.  

The visitor can then select a specific product from the available list to learn more about its unique properties and applications.  Alternatively, a visitor can simply enter the product name in the search field on the left-hand side to be automatically directed to the relevant page.

A unique feature of the new De Sangosse website is the ‘Academy’ section which gives an example of the material De Sangosse can provide to agronomy groups in helping them to better understand why certain chemicals behave differently when released into the environment, how the negative effects can be negated and how plant performance can be improved.