The Academy

The De Sangosse Academy

The De Sangosse Academy is intended to further the knowledge of crop advisers and chemical users in the arable sector by promoting a deeper understanding of how the performance of crop-protection solutions can be influenced by using an appropriate mixing partner and improving water condition.

Water is an essential component of life, but its remarkable properties are often taken for granted.
Understanding how to best utilise water means appreciating its structure and properties: can you tell the difference between H2O and H9O4+.H9O5-? More importantly, do you know why it matters?

It’s a common misunderstanding that the empirical formula of water is H2O, but strictly speaking this is water vapour – if water were H2O than it would be a gas and life as we know it would not exist. Due to hydrogen bonding water is normally polymetric eg (H9O4+.H9O5-) and it is this chemical structure that gives it properties we can exploit, but also some that we need to overcome.

The De Sangosse Academy features presentations on a range of issues affecting the performance of agrochemicals. The Adjuvant Academy, for example, explains how water properties such as surface tension interfere with chemical dispersion and how this can be neutralised through different types of surface chemistry.

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